What you should know about the Moon

16 Jan


Every time humans looked up the sky and at the Moon, they have been wondering what’s out there. From the early humans to the modern day sapiens, the Moon has given us food for thought almost constantly. It wasn’t enough that we stepped on its surface, a moment that is still a landmark in our history, but we had to learn more about its creation and its place in the cosmogony of the universe.

And to honor the fact that it influences us daily and because it adds beauty to our skies, here you have some things which are a must-know when it comes to the grey rock that leads us into the darkness of the night.



The celestial body is not called The Earth’s moon without reason. Regarding its genesis, scientists have speculated that the moon was once part of our planet. There are speculations which say the two cosmic pieces were formerly a single body, which has been ripped into two pieces after a collision with another planet. There aren’t many proofs to sustain the theory, but it does make you dream about the possibilities.

The Moon’s surface it’s a hostile place for life. There’s no breathable oxygen there, as it doesn’t have an atmosphere, and the soil is dead. It means you couldn’t grow a single thing in it, even if the terrain is incredibly diverse and full of patterns that you can notice yourself with a quality telescope. Also, gravity would be a problem if you wanted to go on a stroll, as you would float rather than walk.

Our natural satellite has no impressive rings, as Jupiter has. And it is rather small, compared with other planets or even to other moons. It makes a complete orbit around the planet we call Home in 27 days, and it spins at a constant rate meaning when you look at the Moon, you only see one side during the course of the orbit.

Unless you are somebody that believes the man has never landed on its surface, the Moon is the only body outside of our planet that humans have ever touched. Even the Space Station is not technically outside of Earth’s reach, as it is in its lower orbit. But unlike Uranus or Saturn, at least the Moon has a rocky surface on which we can walk. The other two mentioned are gas giants.

The Moon’s still a mystery to most of us. It has been too long since we visited and we can only rejoice that there are programs and countries that are planning to go back in the near future, and even start a colony. Alongside Mars, the satellite has been part of our dreams ever since we become wise enough to ask ourselves if we are truly alone in the Universe.