Were the moon landings faked?

27 Feb


If the moon landings were fake or not, is a debate that is still actual today. I think we are going to get a definitive answer shortly after the next moon landing is completed by NASA or by someone like Elon Musk, who seems to know how to reignite the interest in space in our young minds, which is something vital if we want to carry on the tradition of space exploration.

Four decades after Neil Armstrong touched the surface of the Moon for the first time, some people still wonder if that was a fraud or not. Some theorists say everything was filmed in a Hollywood studio, but they never seem to have the necessary proof to sustain their claims.

The most common idea among skeptical people is that the Americans were scared that the Russians were going to beat them at the space conquest game, so they forced Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to act out the mission in a secret location in Hollywood or area 51.

They use as an argument the fact that the movements of the American flag they weaved when they reached the surface of the celestial body shows the presence of wind, a thing that is impossible in an environment like the one on the Moon.

NASA even released a statement, saying that Aldrin caused the flag to move, as he was trying to plant it in the soil. Inspired by the 1968 movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, people started speculating that Stanley Kubrick was the one who directed the fake moon landing.

People also noticed that you can’t see any stars in the photographs of this great event. But what people fail to apprehend, is that this is a common occurrence when it comes to space photography, because the contrast between dark and light areas is more significant than here on Earth.

If you were on the Moon, after some adjustment to the new light conditions, you would start to notice the stars on the sky, but cameras have problems picking up a detailed image of the lunar sky. Even with the technological advances today, the astronauts on the International Space Station still have problems taking photos of our planet that also include the stars around us.

Conspiracy adepts even took notice of the funny shadows in the photographs from the Moon, the non-parallel ones. The shadows on the moon pointed in more than one direction, which is weird considering the Sun is the only light source there. They say it’s a proof that studio lights were involved in manufacturing those photos.

However, an uneven surface could be a more plausible answer, as it could project shadows at different angles, even when one light source is available. It is something that is present on Earth too. So most proof points towards the Moon landing not being a fraud, but rather a historical event in our human saga.