Strange things you might not know about the first moon landing

15 Feb


We all know that the first moon landing took place in 1969 under the presidency of John F. Kennedy. The name of that mission was Apollo 11 and its crew was comprised of three men. The first man who ever set foot on the moon is credited to be Neil Armstrong.

But, even though we have all seen the photos and have heard the radio transmission, there are still plenty of strange things that happened during the mission which led to a wide array of criticism and conspirative theories. We all know that the most common theory is that, in fact, the moon landing was a scam that was recorded in a cinema studio and there are several things to support this theory.

Nevertheless, with or without the conspiracy theories, there are still some strange things about the first moon landing we know you missed. Here are some of the most interesting.


Putting a man on the moon was, in fact, a goal that American president, John F. Kennedy, set during the first years at the White House, around 1961.


None of the astronauts had a health insurance. Although they were heavily rewarded by NASA after they arrived back home, none of the three astronauts that landed on the moon in 1969 had a health insurance. So, in case things went wrong, they decided to sign a bunch of autographs prior to the launching that would later be sold for good money.


The first words that were said on the moon are debatable. Some historians argue that the first words were, in fact, “contact light”, while, according to NASA, Armstrong’s famous phrase represents the beginning of a new era. And, speaking of the phrase, Neil Armstrong confirmed in his biography that his exact words were, in fact, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.


All flags that were placed on the moon were manufactured by a company named Sears. However, just like with other things, NASA has denied this information for a long time, allegedly not to provide a reason for free advertising. However, NASA eventually confirmed that all flags were purchased from the same manufacturer and from different ones in the Texas area.

Another curious thing about the moon landing is that the astronauts left behind a whole bunch of things, not only the planted flags. Amongst the things that were left on the moon were their backpacks, 73 messages from world leaders, as well as a gold olive branch-shaped pin that’s the universal symbol of peace.

Lastly, what’s also interesting about the moon landing is that it was a global event that anyone had watched and heard of. This is why the astronauts of Apollo 11 were asked by NASA not to engage in any religious discussions that could insult or offend a minority of the world. However, Aldrin is known to be the first and only person who participated in a Christian Communion ritual on the Moon.